Revamping Your Training

With this shooting accuracy program, we’ll be diligently tracking a handful of moves, drills, and exercises that directly translate to results in the game. These key movements are our “Accuracy indicators” and they’ll be our way to ensure that we’re making consistent progress throughout the program.

As you become more confident with these key accuracy indicators, your shot will start to see improvement. You’ll start to feel more confident with placing your shot where you want it (or at least closer than you used to be able to). You’ll start to imagine all the goals you could score with your improved accuracy. But don’t get too far ahead of yourself. It’s important to track your progress in each accuracy indicator so that you have visual proof that your training routine is working. A lot of players jump straight to the results when trying to measure their success, this can lead to a lot of let downs, and a false understanding of your progress. Yes, I know they don’t ask how, they ask how many. But it’s important to celebrate every small victory, just as much as the goals, assists, and bar-down snipes. And that’s why tracking your progress in the accuracy indicator drills is vital.

Key Indicator Drills

  1. Drill 1 + explanation and things to focus on
  2. Drill 2 + explanation…
  3. etc.