Move Makers

Move makers are simply a breakdown of skills performed in sequence to complete a move. By “stacking” skills in a natural progression, move makers are one of my favorite ways to teach you how to pull off sick moves in game. They do a great job of keeping you challenged throughout each progression, and more importantly – they are fun to practice!

Unfortunately, not every player remembers that training is supposed to be fun. Repetitive drills that while effective, leave you feeling drained and unmotivated. Move makers will be a fun focal point in all of your workouts.

Every move maker consists of a series of skills that when performed in sequence make a “move”. Depending on your confidence level with each skill involved, we’ll guide you through the movements that you need to work on to build up your ability to pull the move off in game. There are 3 difficulty levels for each move maker designed to keep you challenged even after years of practice.

Level 1

The first level in each move maker will target each individual skill involved, and work your way towards consistently performing each skill in sequence at 50% speed. To progress to level 2 you should be able to perform each “set” without losing control of the puck.

Level 2

The second level in each move maker will work towards getting faster at combining skills. It will focus on improving 2 combined skills at a time, until you can consistently perform the entire move at 80-90% speed without losing control of the puck.

Level 3

The third and most difficult level in each move maker will focus on getting consistent at 90-100% speed, and introducing new situational challenges that often present themselves in a game. Even the most experienced players can spend a long time on level 3 and still see improvements.

Move Maker Specifics

The goal when working on move makers is obviously to eventually pull off the move in a game, many games even. But it’s important to understand the hard work that goes behind each move, and it’s okay to focus on the individual skills, or combined movements that will move you closer to pulling off the move. You might go through this program 3 times before confidently advancing to Level 2 on a certain move maker, and that’s OKAY. We all have different strengths and weaknesses so you might pick up one move really quickly, and spend months, even years to perfect another. The main thing is to always have fun, and make small incremental improvements every time you train.