This is a nice move to have in your back pocket. With the last move we waited for the last second, and then moved to the backhand. With this move you’ll want to move to the backhand a little earlier to “sell” the shot, then quickly go forehand.


Datsyuk is famous for his backhand fake, in fact this is where I learned it and have used it successfully a few times since. Check out a few of his highlights below

Same move, different goalie

Same move again vs Budaj, notice how fast he goes from backhand to forehand, this is very important to sell the move.

Like I said in a few of the clips you need to be able to score with your fake. What I mean is you are faking as if you are going to shoot, so in order to sell that move you have to do everything you would normally do EXCEPT actually shoot. In the above clips Datsyuk is faking the backhand shot, then going forehand, the move works so well because IF he wanted to shoot backhand he could, so if the goalie is lazy, or expecting a deke he could just shoot backhand and score, which is exactly what he does here.

Datsyuk must have taught Zetterberg this one

Giroux takes it one step further here, he fakes backhand, brings it forehand, then brings it back to his backhand and scores, what a goal