This is a simple single deke to the backhand. The key is in the timing, and speed of execution. You need to get a jump on the goalie by having them guessing what you’ll do, then at the last second you quickly move to get a good shooting angle. I break it down and then show some NHL examples.


Here’s a nice compilation from Zach Parise. You’ll find most of the time he has a combo Fake Shot > Backhand fake > Forehand Shot. You will see a few good examples where he does just a fake, then a backhand shot.

Watch how quickly Datsyuk moves the puck to his backhand and then releases the puck, great forehand to backhand transition

Here is a compilation of Alex Burrows using a fake shot and then going backhand.Notice how the more convincing dekes use a good fake shot and leg kick, this is how I like using this deke.