3 Tips For Success

  1. The wrist snap needs to happen quickly. Work on a fast movement to finish your shot.

  2. Isolate the movement by trying to do just a wrist snap. See how the movement effects the puck speed and direction

  3. Open the blade more to raise the puck, keep the blade more closed for low shots.

2 Common Mistakes

  1. If you open the blade too much the puck can roll right over the top and ruin your power and accuracy

  2. Timing is important, open the blade to early and you’ll miss wide, open too late and your accuracy and power will suffer

What To Practice

  1. Practice targeting the wrist / blade movement. See how much power you can get by just using the wrists

  2. Test how accurate you can be by just using the wrists. Aim high, low, left and right and see how the wrist / blade movement effects your accuracy

  3. Now that you’ve isolated the movement try adding it to your shot. Take your normal shot, but with a focus on finishing with the wrist movement.