3 Tips For Success

  1. Top Hand fine tuning – The top hand controls the fine tuning of your accuracy. You use it to open or close the blade, this controls the height, and can also control aiming left and right.

  2. Bottom Hand Aiming – The bottom hand on your stick aims the general direction of the puck. Drive it left, right, high or low and the puck should get close to where you’re aiming. Combine this with the top hand blade control and you’ll be picking corners

  3. Body Alignment – Your body alignment also helps with accuracy (and power) although not essential for accuracy, it can help.

2 Common Mistakes

  1. Poor Speed – You can do everything correctly, but if you’re too slow, or your timing is off a bit, the puck will not behave how you want it to. Timing and quickness come with practice, so keep on shooting!

  2. Looking at the Puck – Some players get caught staring at the puck, instead of looking where they want to shoot. Get into the habit of looking first, finding something to aim at, then trying to hit it. This good habit will carry over into a game and help you identify the best spot to shoot, while also improving your accuracy.

What To Practice

  1. Top Hand Focus – Shoot first with a focus on the top hand. Pay attention to how it controls the blade, try opening the blade, closing it, making snappy movements and discover how that effects the puck movement. You can do this for a few minutes each day. The more you practice this, the more you’ll notice the effects and be able to use them within your shot.

  2. Bottom Hand Focus – Now shoot with your focus on the bottom hand. Drive that arm towards your target and pay attention to what happens. Practice from different distances to get an idea of how your movement changes depending on where you are on the ice.

  3. Put it all together – After focusing on each hand individually, now just relax and shoot. Allow both hands to work together. Focus on looking for a target, shooting, and when you hit a target try to recreate that. Pay attention to when something feels right and try to do it again.