3 Tips For Success

  1. Let the bottom hand slide up to meet your top hand on the backhand
  2. When moving the puck to the backhand with one hand, make sure to keep holding the stick with two hands as long as possible and only let go with the bottom hand when it's about to reach your top hand
  3. Keep that good hockey stance and weight shift, especially important with one hand on the stick as this will help protect the puck. More on that in a later course.

2 Common Mistakes

  1. Standing upright
  2. Letting go with bottom hand too soon, making it easier for a defender to knock your stick away from the puck before you get it to the widest point.

What To Practice

  1. First practice doing soft touches in front, and then exploding to your backhand and reaching as far as you can with both hands. Then once you are comfortable with that, start to increase your reach by letting go with your bottom hand right when you've reached that limit with two hands. Keep working on that strength to be able to draw the puck back in front of you with one hand.