The pull / push is very important to get that extra snap in your shot. We dive into detail in this lesson

3 Tips For Success

  1. Punch the top hand out first so you create the space needed to pull it back. This happens very quickly, and should happen naturally.

  2. Explosive movements are very important for a good release. Both hands need to move quickly and work together

  3. Drive the bottom hand out and towards your target to get the most flex from the stick and increase power.

2 Common Mistakes

  1. Poor timing can throw your shot off. If you’re hands aren’t working together, if you release the puck too soon, or too late, you won’t get the nice release.

  2. Keeping your top hand on your hip will limit the power in your shot. It’s a common issue with new players. Record yourself on camera in slow motion and see if you’re getting your top hand out enough.

What To Practice

  1. Target the hands by working on just the pull / push movement. This means no footwork or weight transfer. See how much power you can get from just the upper body.

  2. You can add some variation to your shot with different puck movements. Try a 2 touch shot, a sweep, drawing the puck in towards your body first, or a change of direction in your release. Remember to always end with the nice pull / push

  3. For a real challenge try not moving the puck at all. Set it up and just snap at it. This will pin point the timing of your mechanics and will require a quick snap, plus the right movements from the wrists to elevate and aim the puck.