When stickhandling you will learn to use all parts of the blade, but for now (the most common) we’re going to focus on the part between the heel and the middle of the blade. This is where you want to focus when you’re practicing stickhandling.

2 Tips For Success

  1. Cup the puck and roll the toe of the blade to prevent the puck from flipping up
  2. Try not to lift the blade too much when moving it over the puck as this will also cause the puck to flip up

2 Common Mistakes

  1. Chopping the ice on either side of the puck
  2. Too much lift and not enough roll

What To Practice

  1. Practice stickhandling slowly side to side and try to focus on moving your stick to where the puck is going *before* it gets there so you have time to catch it, cup it, and roll it.