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by Coach Jeremy

Fun, easy to follow hockey training

The Pond is a place where everyone is welcome.
A place to learn, improve, have fun, and share your love of hockey.

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Learn the essentials of strong skating

We will help you find your balance and feel your edges. You will master speed & acceleration and gain an understanding of the key movements that lead to great skating.

Understand how to shoot hard and accurately

Just practicing for the sake of practicing won't improve your shot power or accuracy. We teach you the technique necessary for a strong and powerful shot. From the basics, to the toe drag release!

Master the art of stickhandling

We'll help you get a feel for the movement of the blade, understand crucial hand positions, give you the ability to control the puck around your entire body, and learn the art of deception.

All designed to be fun, time efficient, and easy to follow

The pros understand that 90% of hockey is doing fundamental skills, exceptionally well.
That's why our courses focus on the most important skills in the game.

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Want to improve FASTER?

With no time wasted, The Pond follows a clear progression designed to continually challenge and improve the skills that you will use most often in real games.

We want to give you that amazing feeling when you snipe your first target, master a new move, or score your first goal.

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Not sure if The Pond is right for you?

I've created so much free training material over the years, and there's so much out there that it can be a lot to sift through as a beginner, or even for advanced players.

That's why I'm giving you free access to a few of the key lessons from our courses on The Pond which hold the secrets I've learned over the years!

All I ask is that if you like the lessons, share them with your friends and try out a membership if you'd like to unlock everything The Pond has to offer!

Free lessons

Work Hard. Have Fun.

Who can benefit from The Pond?

Literally anyone who wants to play hockey. There are members ranging from 4 to 60+ years old. I've designed these courses to bring you all the way from a complete beginner, to a proficient skater, puck handler, and sniper who loves the game every time you step on the ice!

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We offer a 100% money back guarantee, and the ability to pause your subscription anytime.

Still have questions?

What exactly am I getting from The Pond?

With your membership to The Pond, not only will you get instant access to our most efficient hockey training courses,  find out the crucial skills you need to focus on, get access to our private Facebook group, and participate in fun challenges to test your skills. You will get our 100% dedication to help YOU get better at hockey. The Pond provides a clear path to improvement, and we'll be right there to support you throughout the process.​

What happens if I change my mind?

You can cancel at anytime. Your account will remain open until the end of your billing month. Or if you'd prefer, you can always pause your subscription and resume it later.

What do the courses actually cover?

There are multiple levels of courses for each skill (skating, shooting, stickhandling, passing), starting from Level 1 up to Level 3. Plus we are continually creating more advanced courses to keep challenging you. If you want an idea of what the lessons in each course are like, be sure to check out the free lessons that I've unlocked for you!